We Caught The Thief

Yesterday Pam and I came home from work to find the little “stick on” window feeder that is attached to our deck door by suction cups hanging by one suction cup about to fall off.  We had no idea how that happened.  In addition the birds had been eating a lot of seed from the feeder, or so we thought.

Well, today, when I came home for lunch, I glanced over to the window and saw something that really caught my attention.  I ran upstairs and grabbed the camera and caught the little thief red handed, or should I say “red pawed” 

This squirrel was wedged in the feeder happily eating away at all the seed!  I don’t know how he got up there.  The feeder is about 4 feet off the deck and there’s no “launching pads” nearby.  As I moved closer to the window he finally saw me, jumped down, and scampered away.  I guess we need to put the feeder a little higher on the window, huh.

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