Some Bird Pictures From A Cold Week

This week was one of the coldest weeks Atlanta has had in a few years. The birds were eating seed like crazy. They also discovered our heated bird bath in large numbers as well as the little feeder we stuck to the sliding door to the deck. I tried to take pictures of as many birds as I could but they were always the same birds! Here are a few of the better ones I got:

Our recent invasion of Pine Siskin is a little unusual from what I understand. I guess they don’t usually appear down here in such large numbers. Here they are on our thistle feeder:

Here’s one of my favorite pictures to date. I got lucky with this guy who was sitting on the bird bath.

Here’s one of the Pine Siskin eating in our “stick on” window feeder.

This Eastern Bluebird was very interested in what was going on in the house.

I’m getting better at this bird picture thing but I still take a bunch in order to get a few keepers. Hopefully you enjoy the pictures as well.

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