Sick Day

Well, it finally caught up with me.  After probably 6 years without missing a day of work due to illness, I took today off because I had a fever and generally felt like crap.

After getting some tea and OTC cold/flu medicine I took a nice 3 hour nap and then spent an hour or so sitting in the recliner, drinking tea and keeping an eye on our feeders and birdbath.

A Different Perspective

This was probably the first time I have been in the house by myself in the middle of a work day, doing absolutely nothing, in nearly 10 years.  On the weekends Pam and I run around doing errands, etc.  We spend some time watching the feeders but usually in the morning or late afternoon.  The middle of the day is not a common time to watch birds.  So this afternoon I just took in what I could see.  There were some differences in the bird’s activities in the middle of the day.  They seemed to be less rushed.  More of them just sat on the feeder and ate as opposed to taking one seed and flying away.   Is it because they aren’t trying to get the “last seed” before darkness?  I don’t know but it was fun watching them.  Also, the daylight is much brighter making the birds colors more vibrant.

The Tally

I only saw 12 species, kind of low for the yard.  I did see a new life bird, the Dark Eyed Junco.  Maybe it was because it was the middle of the day.  But, each of the birds was more laid back and I was able to watch them better.  A trade off I guess, quality over quantity.

I sort of enjoyed the afternoon birdwatching, except for the fever, chills, and hacking cough 🙂  Hopefully I recover quickly.

Time for another nap.

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