Bath Time For Mr Cowbird

Our birdbath is only about 8 feet away from us when we sit on the deck.  The birds are getting fairly used to us being out on the deck and are starting to come to the birdbath more and more while we are sitting out there.  It’s fun to watch them land on the deck railing, hop down to the birdbath, and then take a drink or a bath before flying off.

Last weekend we were sitting out on the deck eating some dinner and watching all the wildlife activity in our yard.  Birds were coming and going from the birdbath but were a little skittish.  They’d land, chirp a few times, and then fly off without really using the birdbath.  That was until our local pair of Cowbirds showed up.  The male boldly landed on the deck rail and immediately plopped into the birdbath.

After sitting in the water for a few seconds, as if he was testing it, he hopped up on the edge of the birdbath.

He looked over at us very quickly then hopped back into the water.  For the next minute or so he was happily splashing away.

Water was flying all over the place. He wasn’t holding back.  There was no way he wasn’t going to get clean!

He finally stopped and flew off after splashing all the water out of the birdbath .
We like our birdbath.

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